Web shop Terms

Web shop Terms and Conditions




 1.1

These terms and conditions (the " Terms ") apply to your product order (" Products ") from

Electrolux, sro, Bitola, Braka Mingovi br 18, Pbox 52 Postal Code 7000, registered  in

Skopje central register Entry by the law of Macedonia, free trade or through telephone and

internet sales (Distance contract) for delivery in the Macedonia. It is not possible to order

products for delivery to destinations outside the Macedonia. The sale vjiných countries

more  http://www.electrolux.mk/contacts.html .

 1.2

The conditions under which the products are offered  on this website are listed

below. By checking the box "read / and I agree" on the order form and placing the order you

accept these Terms and agree Stim, they are bound by them.

 1.3

Electrolux reserves the right to change these Terms without notice. Such a change,

however, will have no effect on orders that were entered before the amended Terms

published on the website.

 1.4

Regarding the conditions of use of the website and regulation of privacy, for more click here


 1.5

If you have any questions or comments regarding the conditions, notification of withdrawal,

cancellations, refunds or refunds, please contact:

Electrolux DOOEL, Bitola, Braka Mingovi br 18, P.box 52 Postal Code 7000

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  cal ++l389 47 203 330 th

2. Placing an order

 2.1

The order is entered:

- online by completing the order form on the website or

- by telephone, Electrolux, call ++389 47 203 330

 2.2

All products are delivered vzávislosti on their availability. If the products ordered are not

available, we will inform you as soon as possible via e-mail, telephone or postal letter.

 2.3

We strive to maintain a high quality of images published on the website, however we are

pleased that ordered products may vary in color and execution appeared on the website.

 2.4

If you provide a valid e-mail address, we will contact you as soon as possible in order to

confirm your order and your other data. In this context, you will receive a unique order

number for use in all communications with Electrolux.


 3.1

Ordered products will be delivered vjejich original design. Electrolux reserves the right to

make minor technical changes that do not affect product functionality.

 3.2

Products that are labeled as "out of stock" will normally be delivered within 5 days and

Products labeled as "not in stock" will normally be delivered within 30 days. If the products

are not at hand exchanged within these planned delivery dates, we will inform you.

 3.3

If the product is not at hand vobjednaném amount, we will notify you and you can decide

whether to order a product In this smaller amounts or if you cancel.

 3.4

Electrolux may at its discretion decide to make partial deliveries. In such a case, entail no

additional cost and will be charged only one delivery.

 3.5

If delivery is not possible within thirty (30) days, you can cancel the order. If any payment

has been made, you will be refunded within thirty (30) days.


 4.1

All prices are in Macedonia. The prices listed on the website include VAT but excluding any

charges, fees and costs of delivery.

 4.2

levies, fees and costs of delivery may from time to time and according to the method of

delivery vary, and these charges will be calculated separately and displayed on a Web page

when placing your order. The total price indicated on the order form will be the total amount

that will be paid for products ordered.

 4.3

You agree Stim, you can replace the company Electrolux any additional costs for

transportation / handling costs as a result of your failure to take over or unclaimed parcel

Acting in accordance sdohodnutými terms of delivery.


 5.1

The Products may pay methods listed on the website.

 5.2

Electrolux spomocí external provider enables secure online payments and ensures that

your payment information is at your entries automatically encrypted to ensure the highest

level of safety.

 5.3

When paying by credit card must be in placing your order shows information about your

credit card. The amount will weigh credit card will be debited vokamžiku order confirmation.


Right of withdrawal

 6.1

No reason you can withdraw from your order confirmation from the date of receipt of your

order up to 14 days from receipt of the product. This withdrawal must be made ​​in writing

(eg. By letter, fax or e-mail) and that was done on time, must be sent notification of the

withdrawal of Electrolux out in that period to the address or e-mail address provided vbodě


 6.2

If any payment was made, the money will promptly return, within thirty (30) days from the

date you receive the notice of withdrawal, provided that this period will also receive the

returned product. However, we will refund only the amount you paid for the product ordered.

Delivery costs associated svrácením products of our company are carrying themselves.

 6.3

Your right to cancel orders may be compromised if you have taken appropriate steps

kzajištění that the product will be returned in a state substantially corresponding to its

original condition (including original packaging). This does not apply if the product status

deteriorated as a result of (a) the parties will consider the necessary negotiations in order to

control the Product, or (b) the circumstances that you can not be attributed. In any case, we

always recommend to take adequate and reasonable steps kzachování product status and

kzajištění that the product is returned to us safely.

Damaged or defective products

In addition to your right to rescind the order according to points 6.1 to 6.3 above, you can

also enjoy certain privileges if you find that your product is damaged or defective. In this

case, please contact and follow in accordance with the procedure set out below.

 6.4

Any damage caused by the Products during shipment or any alleged defect in a product

must be immediately notified in writing by Electrolux at the address or e-mail mentioned

vbodě 5.1

 6.5

Other complaints or obvious defects in the product must be reported within the warranty

period which is 24 months and commences upon receipt of the product.

 6.6

If your claim is valid, may, in accordance new provisions of the relevant legislation on the

sale of goods to consumers require (a) remedy the defect, (b) the supply of a replacement

product, (c) withdraw from the purchase if unrecoverable, or (d) ask for a price reduction if

uncorrectable defect, which does not prevent the use of the Product

 6.7

If we are unable to repair defects in the product or deliver a replacement product, or if such

a case does not substitute delivery, You can choose to either withdraw from the purchase or

ask for a price reduction.


 7.1

Spare parts and consumables, which brings you purchased online store, you must always

be installed and used Acting in accordance with the relevant instructions and installation

guide foruse kzařízení in which you vúmyslu spare parts / accessories / consumables install

and use. We recommend that you download from our website ( click here ) instruction

manuals and installation guides for the relevant consumer.

 7.2

Spare parts and accessories are designed for installation and use only in combination with

Electrolux Products, unless explicitly stated by Electrolux in writing otherwise.

 7.3

entirely responsible for the proper installation and use of products that you have purchased

In this online shop. Please note that some products require installation by authorized and

qualified professional to avoid risks of structural damage and / or injury. This is especially

important for proper installation, use and maintenance of gas and electrical components,

plumbing parts and water connections. For proper guidance always read the instructions on

the packaging of products that you have ordered, and / or appropriate instructions foruse

and installation guide, published by Electrolux.

 7.4

Electrolux assumes no liability for claims resulting from (a) unintended use of the product or

its unintended manipulation, (b) use and installation together with its accessories, for which

the product is not intended, or (c) improper installation. Keep in mind that the use of, or

failure to implement required installation method can be dangerous.


Specific details regarding service Electrolux appliances to which you order a replacement

part or accessory, refer to the instruction manual. You can also directly contact Electrolux

service center listed on our website ( click here ).

9. Force Majeure

Electrolux shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performance of the order if and to the

extent that such delay or failure is caused directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond the

reasonable control and could not be avoided by submitting appropriate measures.


This agreement is governed by the substantive law of the Macedonia

Electrolux Repair Service

There are good reasons why Electrolux has grown in recent years into one of the industry’s best appliance manufacturer’s. Even their high-quality models can break down though. That’s why it’s important to find reliable Electrolux repair in your area.

Luckily for you, you’ve already found the Macedonia leaders in Electrolux appliance repair, Palenzo Appliance Service! Our service technicians are trained and certified to work on the brand’s entire line of kitchen and laundry appliances. No matter if your Electrolux dryer won’t start or you have an Electrolux dishwasher leaking water, call now.

We’ll send one of our repair experts to your home to diagnose and fix the malfunction in no time. For the area’s most dependable service for your Electrolux repair, call us today.

Why Choose Palenzo Appliance Service for Your Electrolux Appliance Repair?

Here at Palenzo Appliance Service, we’ve built a reputation for fixing appliances quickly along with great customer service. You’ll be so impressed with our Electrolux repair service that you’ll never call any other company for your appliance needs. We guarantee:

· Experience: Palenzo Appliance Service has been serving the Macedonia, NC area for 40 years

· Factory Authorized Certified Technicians with training specifically on Electrolux appliances

· Technicians that are professional and courteous, arrive in uniform, and will respect and protect your property and home

Macedonia: Electrolux Appliance Repair

Palenzo Appliance Service provides appliance repair in Southern Pines, NC, for Electrolux appliances. Electrolux appliances we service include:

· Electrolux Dishwasher Repair

· Electrolux Front Load Washer Repair

· Electrolux Washing Machine Repair

· Electrolux Dryer Repair

· Electrolux Refrigerator Repair

· Electrolux Freezer Repair

· Electrolux Ice Maker Repair

· Electrolux Microwave Repair

· Electrolux Range and Oven Repair

· Electrolux Stove Repair

· Electrolux Wall Oven Repair

· Electrolux Cooktop Repair

Common Problems with Electrolux Washer and Electrolux Front Load Washer:

· Electrolux Washer leaking

· Electrolux Washer not spinning

· Electrolux Washer not draining

· Electrolux Washer no power

· Electrolux Washer moving, vibrating, too noisy

Common Problems with Electrolux Dryer:

· Electrolux Dryer not drying

· Electrolux Dryer not heating

· Electrolux Dryer drum not turning

· Electrolux Dryer no power

Common Problems with Electrolux Dishwasher:

· Electrolux Dishwasher not cleaning dishes

· Electrolux Dishwasher not draining

· Electrolux Dishwasher not filling with water

· Electrolux Dishwasher not dispensing soap

Common Problems with Electrolux Refrigerator:

· Electrolux Refrigerator not cooling

· Electrolux Refrigerator not freezing

· Electrolux Refrigerator not making ice

· Electrolux Refrigerator not dispensing water

· Electrolux Refrigerator freezer frosting over

· Electrolux Refrigerator leaking

· Electrolux Ice Maker not making ice

Common Problems with Electrolux Microwave:

· Electrolux Microwave not heating

· Electrolux Microwave turntable not working

· Electrolux Microwave no power

Common Problems with Electrolux Range, Electrolux Oven, and Electrolux Stove:

· Electrolux Oven Range Stove not heating

· Electrolux Oven Range Stove burners not working

· Electrolux Oven Range Stove element not working

· Electrolux Oven Range Stove timer not working

· Electrolux Cooktop not heating

· Electrolux Cooktop cracking

· Electrolux Cooktop burners not working

Сервисен центар кој се занимава со сервисирање и одржување на сите видови на апарати за ресторани и хотели , електронски уреди, апарати за домаќинство како и сервисирање и одржување на апарати за кафе.
Денес Електролукс е Сервисен Центар во Македнија за како и за апаратите за кафе од сите познатиот светски производители сите резервни делови можите да ги добиете од Веб Продавницата http://catalogue.electroluxappliances.com.mk .
Освен сервисните услуги Електролукс нуди и продажба на резервни делови и аксесоари за вашите уреди.

Доколку имате потреба од било каков вид на оригинален резервен дел од програмата на Professional, тука сте на вистинското место истиот и да го добиете. Најбитна карактеристика за долготрајност на еден апарат е правилно одржување со оригинални резервни делови инсталирани од специјализиран кадар во таа област. Македонија поседува широка палета на резервни делови достапни веднаш на лагер, а за сите останати се врши нарачка.

Порачајте резервни делови преку интернет продавницата во Македонија, дирекно преку телефонски повик до контакт центарот или со испраќање на e-mail со наведени инфорамции за каков резервен дел се работи. Нашиот тим во најкраток можен рок ќе ве контактира и информира за достапноста на делот. Вон-гаранциски поправки за сите Professional апарати кои што не се повеќе во гарентен рок, а имате потреба за некаков вид на поправка или измена, обратете се кај професионалната техничка-сервисна служба на клиентите во Македонија за да ги добиете сите пропратни услуги. Потребно е само да резервирате термин преку на интернет продавницата, со телефонски повик на 070/237 108 или преку e-mail; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it со наведени податоци за типот на сервисна интервенција.

Ние ви нудиме превземање на вашиот уред од зададената адреса и враќање на истиот по направениот потребен сервис. Како реномиран сервис на PHILIPS ,INDESIT, FAVORIT , BEKO, ARCELIK , ZANUSSI,KONCAR, SAMSUNG , Miele и Miele Professional заменетите оргинални резервни делови се оригинални со висок квалитет.

Сервис за поправка на апарати за домакинство Electrolux Има добри причини зошто Electrolux прерасна во последниве години во еден од најдобрите производители на апарати во индустријата и добар сервис.

Сепак, дури и нивните високо квалитетни модели можат да се расипат. Затоа е важно да најдете сигурна поправка на Electrolux во вашата област. За ваша среќа, веќе ги најдовте лидерите на Македонија во поправка на апарати Electrolux, Palenzo Appliance Service! Нашите сервисни техничари се обучени и сертифицирани да работат на целата линија на кујнски апарати и апарати за перење на брендот. Без разлика дали вашата машина за сушење Electrolux се вклучиваат во сервисирање или ако во машината за миење садови Electrolux тече вода, јавете се веднаш. Ќе испратиме еден од нашите експерти за поправка во вашиот дом за да го дијагностицира и поправи дефектот за кратко време. За најсигурната услуга во областа за вашата поправка на Electrolux, јавете ни се денес. Зошто да ја изберете услугата за апарати Moore за поправка на вашиот апарат Electrolux? Овде, во Palenzo Appliance Service, изградивме репутација за брзо поправка на апарати заедно со одлична услуга за клиентите. Ќе бидете толку импресионирани од нашата услуга за поправка на Electrolux што никогаш нема да повикате друга компанија за вашите потреби на апаратот. Ние гарантираме: • Искуство: Palenzo Appliance Service служи во областа Македонија, NC веќе 40 години • Фабрички овластени овластени техничари со обука специјално за апарати Electrolux • Техничари кои се професионални и љубезни, пристигнуваат во униформа и ќе го почитуваат и штитат вашиот имот и дом во Мекедонија : Поправка на апарати на Electrolux Palenzo Appliance Service обезбедува поправка на апарати во Macedonia, NC, за уредите Electrolux. Електролукс апаратите што ги сервисираме вклучуваат: • Поправка на машина за миење садови Electrolux • Поправка на мијалник со предно полнење на Electrolux • Поправка на машина за перење Electrolux • Поправка на фен Electrolux • Поправка на фрижидери Electrolux • Поправка на замрзнувач Electrolux • Поправка на производителот мраз Electrolux • Поправка на микробранова печка Electrolux • Поправка на опсег и рерна на Electrolux • Поправка на шпорет Electrolux • Поправка на ѕидна печка Electrolux • Поправка на плочата за готвење Electrolux Вообичаени проблеми со мијалникот Electrolux и предното оптоварување на Electrolux: • Електролукс мијалник протекува • Electrolux Washer не се врти • Електролукс мијалникот не цеди • Electrolux Washer без струја • Electrolux Washer се движи, вибрира, премногу бучна Вообичаени проблеми со фен Electrolux: • Electrolux Сушачот не се суши • Electrolux Сушачот не загрева • Не се врти барабанот за сушење на Electrolux • Electrolux Фен без струја Вообичаени проблеми со машината за миење садови Electrolux: • Electrolux машина за миење садови не чисти садови • Electrolux машината за миење садови не испушта вода • Electrolux машината за миење садови не се полни со вода • Електролукс Машината за миење садови не издава сапун Вообичаени проблеми со фрижидерот Electrolux: • Фрижидерот Electrolux не се лади • Фрижидерот Electrolux не замрзнува • Фрижидерот Electrolux не прави мраз • Фрижидерот Electrolux не испушта вода • Замрзнувачот на Electrolux Фрижидер се замрзна • Фрижидерот Electrolux протекува • Electrolux Ice Maker не прави мраз Вообичаени проблеми со микробрановата печка Electrolux: • Електролукс микробранова печка не се загрева • Електролукс грамофонот за микробранова печка не работи • Микробранова печка Electrolux без струја Вообичаени проблеми со опсегот на Electrolux, рерната Electrolux и шпоретот Electrolux: • Електролукс шпоретот не се загрева • Пламениците на шпоретот со опсег на рерна Electrolux не работат • Елементот на шпоретот со опсег на рерна Electrolux не работи • Не работи тајмерот за шпорет на опсегот на рерната Electrolux • Електролукс плочата за готвење не се загрева • Пукнатина на плочата за готвење Electrolux • Не работат пламениците на Electrolux

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